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Diamond 30 Loudspeaker.

Diamond 30 - the largest 3-way free-standing design of the Diamond line, which uses the well-known and respected 19mm textile dome of Scan Speak. The medium tones are reproduced by a specialized 15cm speaker from the Norwegian Seas, and the bottom of the band similarly to the Diamond 28 model, was entrusted to a pair of 18cm cellulose woofers.

Diamond 30, in addition to sophistication, known from smaller models, offers more communication and insight into recordings. The presentation gains on neutrality while maintaining a musical atmosphere. The 3-way system, thanks to greater freedom in shaping the characteristics, offers lower bass descent, without losing any of the transmission in the whole band. The set has been configured in such way that it will be able to provide adequate sound coverage for larger rooms.

High-quality loudspeaker enclosures are made of solid MDF boards, reinforced in sensitive places and damped with bitumen mats and natural sheep wool.
The column is equipped with a pedestal, which in addition to the visual effect, provides a solid anti-vibration base.

The columns are dedicated for use in rooms with a floor area from 28 to 48 m2.

Please find below the technical specification of the Pylon Audio Diamond 30 Loudspeakers Set:

Impedance 4 Ohm
Bandwidth 32 Hz - 20 kHz
Nominal power 120 W
Maximum power 250 W
Efficiency91 dB
Dimensions [W x H x D] 196 x 1080 x 390 mm
Weight 28 kg / piece
Woofer 2 x Pylon Audio PSW 18.8.CA (2xSeas CA18RLY)
Midrange speaker Pylon Audio PSW 15.8.CA (Seas CA15RLY)
Tweeter Pylon Audio PST 19.T (Scan Speak D2010/851300)
Spikes Yes
Speaker grille Yes, magnetic
Warranty4 years
Available colours- Natural veneer OAK, ennobled with the oil-wax - 11 decors.
- Natural veneer OAK, colourless lacquer: wenge, black, walnut, cherry, natural.
- High Gloss: white HG, black HG.
- Lacquer Mat - white, black.
- We can realize individual orders with RAL colours.

    natural veneer OAK, ennobled with the oil-wax Dark Oak:
    natural veneer OAK, ennobled with the oil-wax Chocolat:
    natural veneer OAK, LACQUER, colour Walnut:

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