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The philosophy of the company.

Sound - ear - precision.

The philosophy of the Pylon company is based on just three words.

In the beginning there was sound. It was created spontaneously, perfect in itself, totally dependent on our perception. We meet it with the sense of hearing, it comes to us through the ears - the extraordinarily precise receiver

From the sense of hearing we derived certain knowledge. While designing speakers we want to be equally perfectly precise. We create for the senses, dismantle the music to tones and sounds which will then be filtered by the speakers. Overall effect always depends on the precision, skill in constructing speaker translates to sharpness and color of tones. We are able to devote ourselves completely to all this. A strong passion, that we have in ourselves leads us in the right direction, which is confirmed by the permanent interest in our enclosures, as well as new perspective in our actions – speaker sets, our great challenge.

That’s how a simple, uncomplicated philosophy of just three words: sound - ear - precision, can still manage to maintain a stable position of the foundations of Pylon Audio - a leading brand in this highly sophisticated area.