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Jasper 23 active.

Keeping up with the times, we present a natural evolution of our flagship Jasper series - the active version. The smallest of them, Jasper 23 Active, is a revolutionary product that offers the highest sound quality without the need for external amplifiers and speaker cables. Comfort without compromise.

All the speakers in the Jasper Active series use WiSA - a widely recognized wireless standard in the audio industry that provides lossless sound transmission. Jaspers easily connect with other devices that use this technology, and with the use of a dedicated Stereo Hub, you can freely use your existing electronics, such as CD players, DACs, TVs, etc. Available on iOS and Android devices, the free dedicated Pylon Audio app allows for easy configuration of the whole system (Stereo Hub + speakers). The system is equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth modules, which guarantee convenience and speed of operation, as well as balanced XLR analog inputs for the highest quality wired connection. The active version of the Jasper series offers compatibility with services such as Spotify Connect, Chromecast, Airplay, and Roon.

Jasper 23 Active is powered by a discreetly integrated 150W high-quality amplifier module for each transducer. They work in a modern, high-performance, and energy-efficient class D, which translates into excellent sound quality and energy efficiency. The advanced DSP processor has allowed our designers the freedom to tune the entire system, optimizing the sound according to the design assumptions.

Similarly to the traditional passive version, the heart of the active Jaspers is based on tried and tested designs from the Scanspeak stable. The transducers used have been specially selected from the acoustic measurement series and hours of subjective testing. The midrange and bass are handled by a pair of famous Revelator 15s, recognizable, among other things, thanks to their characteristic notches, which control membrane distortion (own modes) and scatter standing waves of the membrane. The top end is entrusted to a silk high-frequency speaker (tweeter) with an ultra-light, 0,18-gram vibrating system. This tweeter is characterized by extreme speed and undisturbed detail, as well as the lightness of reproducing the finest details of the transmission.

Drawing on our engineers' years of experience and our extensive research facilities (including an anechoic chamber and a laser accelerometer), we have made every effort to create the perfect working conditions for the transducers. To align their acoustic centers in the most critical mid-high frequency section, we have designed a shape that is devoid of orthogonal forms. The rigidity of the construction is ensured by a front panel made of sandwich-type layered panels and precisely positioned reinforcements in the enclosure, eliminating any resonances that negatively affect the sound.

The result of our efforts fully met our assumptions: the design, quality, and character of the Jasper line encapsulated in a small, slender, and elegant casing. Jasper 23 active offers tremendous possibilities for creating spatial and surprisingly, given its size, the potential for reproducing the lowest registers.

These speakers are dedicated to rooms of 18-35 square meters.

Please find below the technical specifications of the Pylon Audio Jasper 23 active speaker system:

Analog input::unbalanced/balanced XLR
DSP upgradeability: Yes
Built-in WiSA wireless receiver Yes
Maximum power 450 W
Power supply voltage100-240 V
Dimensions [W x H x D] 166x992x401 mm
Weight 26 kg / pcs
Twitter D2608/913000 (Scan-Speak)
Woofer 2 x 15W/8531K00 (Scan-Speak)
Grille Yes
Spikes + stand Yes
Warranty4 years
Available colours: - Natural Veneer - american walnut, heban Marocco.
- Lacquer Mat - white, black.
- Lacquer HG - white, black.
- We can realize individual orders with RAL colours.

Stereo Hub - Pylon Audio:

Remote control (two-way): Yes
Dimensions [W x H x D] 40.1x170x100 mm
Power supply DC 5V 2A
Power consumption 7 Watts
Built-in WiSA transmitter
((2-channel stereo, expandable up
to 16 speaker columns)

Wireless communication:
24 bit / 192 kHz. High Definition sound
Google Chromecast
Apple Airplay 2
Spotify Connect
Roon Ready
Bluetooth 5.0

Wired inputs:
Optical inputs 3x
Coax S/P-DIF1x
Analog minijack1x
Analog RCA1x


Jasper 23 in the active version has appeared on the StereoLifeMagazine.com website!
Tomasz Karasiński, the chief editor of the magazine, appreciated the design, finishing, and ease of configuring the system. However, the real surprise for the editorial team turned out to be the uncompromising sound quality coming from the speakers. Without beating around the bush, we'll say it shortly: we were honored with the "High End" badge!!!

„(…) this time I got the veneered version, and I fell in love with these speakers again. Pylon Audio is now one of the best manufacturers of loudspeaker cabinets in the world, and you don't even need to go into specifics or enumerate the companies that use the help of Polish carpenters."

„(…) we connect the equipment to the network via the Google Home app. If you already have it installed on your phone, it only takes a minute and you're done. At this point, all that remains is to pair the speakers with the hub, which we already do in a physical way, using the buttons."

„ (…)These are simply magnificent, 100% audiophile speakers, which - just so happens - only need a hub to work smoothly. Their sound is extremely dynamic, natural, full, and versatile."

„ (…)On the basis of the Jasper series models, Polish designers created speakers so good that after a while I started asking myself what's the point of building a stereo setup using separate components. It would be justified if the sound of wireless speakers sucked, but - sorry, dear friends - here it just doesn't." - read

    american walnut: