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Pylon Audio - Polish manufacturer of loudspeakers

Music since time immemorial, has been our faithful companion. It constitutes a variable, a liquid matter. Over the years, is has been influenced by, fashions and styles. There is however a thing that characterizes its constancy, and the only static component of music is the sound.

One of the properties of the sound is that its essence remains the same, only its bonds and unusual, almost theatrical symbiosis keeps us constantly amazed. This is the philosophy that has been guiding us - the permanent exploration of single sounds with the usage of the most sophisticated technical mechanisms. We construct loud speakers that help us capture the sounds, tuning the ears, we satisfy ourselves with the purest and most perfect colors of the tones.

We offer loud speakers and speaker sets of the highest quality, which we accurately and precisely tested, to ensure that the products purchased by you is the state of the art audio equipment.

The high quality offered by us is proved by awards and excellent reviews as well as by high rates that our products get. On this website you will get the opportunity to acquaint yourself with the latest products and professional articles on the best quality audio equipment

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