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Opal 20 Loudspeaker.

The Opal 20 loudspeaker set is a two-way design, based on the woofer of our authorship (Pylon Audio PSW 18.8 CS), that is characterized by very good measurable parameters. The paper cone that has been used in this loudspeaker offers selective sound with a dose of heat. The top of the band was entrusted with a 25mm silk dome tweeter, which thanks to its compact size allows the acoustic centers of the loudspeaker system to be closer together.

The Opal 20 loudspeakers, similar to the larger model - Opal 23, offer above-average readability of the midrange. It is a set that you can successfully use in your home recording studio, and the whole is composed in a way that it does not get into technical manner. Hours of listening to every kind of music are a pure pleasure. The set enables comfortable listening from a small distance, the sound stage is suggestive and the detachment of the sound from the set does not cause any problems for the speakers. The sound is saturated with well-controlled bass, giving the songs compactness and speed. Overall readability and insight into the recording are a strong point of the Opal series.

The 18 mm body with the back of the enclosure has been combined with a thickened 22mm front, designed to reduce any vibrations of the front wall. An additional element that is stiffening the whole structure is the reinforcement placed in a sensitive place.

The speakers are dedicated to 15-25 m2 rooms.

Please find below the technical specification of the Pylon Audio Opal 20 Loudspeakers Set:

Impedance8 Ohm
Bandwidth38Hz - 20kHz
Nominal power60 W
Maximum power100 W
Efficiency 86dB
Dimensions [W x H x D] 190 x 900 x 280 mm
Weight 14 kg / pcs
Woofer Pylon Audio PSW 18.8 CS
Tweeter Pylon Audio PST T-50/8
Spikes + standYes
Speaker grilleYes
Warranty4 years
Available colours: - Veneer PVC - black, walnu, wenge.
- Natural veneer OAK, ennobled with the oil-wax - 11 decors.
- Natural veneer OAK, colourless lacquer: wenge, black, walnut, cherry, natural + to choose the front pannel in black mat or black gloss.
- High Gloss: white HG, black HG.
- Lacquer Mat - white, black.
- We can realize individual orders with RAL colours.

Test of Opal 20 columns made by Stereo and Kolorowo!

"(...)I will immediately write that the Opal 20 does not play the" cheap "sound that you would expect from the speakers for less than 1 600 PLN (that is the cost of the vinyl veneer version of the box). Well, Opal 20 plays just very good or one can even say that they play great. This is a plastic sound full of substance, energy and commitment. With beautiful, deep and slightly warm colour and full tonal saturation. (...)"
"(...)Yes, Pylon Opal 20 does not have such acoustical freedom, sublime resolution, or advanced plasticity as more expensive speaker constructions above the amount of PLN 10,000.It is understandable and obvious, however, in direct comparisons with columns much more expensive, as Living Voice Auditorium R3 (their price is slightly over 20,000 PLN) I did not feel any discomfort, or some horrible gaps, or looseness in the bass or diameter. (...) "
"(...)The loudspeakers have a plastic sound that is full of substance, energy and commitment. With a deep, slightly warm colour and rich tonal saturation. The quality of the sound is far beyond the qualification it as a so called " budget" sound. This is a purely high-fidelity sound. Unrivalled columns, I recommend! (...) " read

The first test of Opal 20 Loudspeakers – StereoLife Team has prepared its thorough review. The Opal 20 Loudspeakers were marked as ‘’An Editors Choice” – we are very thankful for that.

"(...)I have received Opal 20 in the prototype version and I was fully aware of it from the very beginning of the test. After connecting them to the track, I have played the first album within my reach -"Heligoland "Massive Attack - I sat on my butt and have remained so, with the jaw lowered till the end of the CD. Only in the middle of the CD my brain started to work and I have started the investigation - how is that even possible? That such columns, in such a ridiculous price, and the sound that comes out of them is like this?! The softness and lack of aggression, and this selectivity of the treble is in this price unbeatable, and at least I have not ever encountered with columns for less than two thousand. (...)"
"(...)I guess that some of you are reading the test made by me for the first time and you are wondering whether I have ever had to deal with a high-end equipment, if I am so excited with those affordable Pylon’s. I will answer right away - yes, actually, by most of the time I listen to music on the stereo of a middle or higher class, and if not, I always remain with professional equipment in the recording studio or hi-end portable kit for the price of a few thousands. I warn you then, that I am not an amateur who got to test the first decent speakers in life – I am dealing with this topic professionally since many years. (...) "
"(...)In Opal 20 midrange tones harmonizes very well with the rest of the band, both up and down. And there is no above-mentioned ailments as in JBL’s and Arena 180. All of this combined with the very suggestively outlined space, developed both in width and depth. Nay! I am even tempted to say that for Pylon’s the priority is the stereo depth scene, which in this class of speakers is, hmm ... saying "rare" is not enough, because such a phenomenon in a budget columns is practically non-existent. (...) "
"(...)Pylon Audio already from some time produces a very good speaker units. With a well-made calculations and reasonable project, it could not go wrong, but in the case of Opal 20 from the beginning I wondered if introducing in them their own drivers, the company would not loose from their hand a very important element of this puzzle. I can assume also that for the team from Jarocin investment in infrastructure for the production of the speakers was at the beginning a big unknown. Today I can confidently say that the curtain came down, and Pylon’s move turned out to be a great success . Because if a budget columns with their own brand speakers are playing in such way, so what will happen when Pylon will insert in the high-end packages the even better drivers of their authorship? All in all after the test Opal 20 has not yet left my house. (...)"

Photographs of the Opal 20 set.

    • RAL colours:
    • Oil-wax colours: