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Pearl 20 loudspeakers set.

In 2011 the Pearl Front sets made their debut and were well received by you. It is not easy to meet the challenge of creating more mature columns in this price range, but it was this idea that guided us in the design of their successors.

The first edition of the Pearl speakers are spontaneous, they play with a great space with beautiful strong vocals, but you can wish for a fuller bass and a bit sweeter mid-range. You will receive all of the same advantages in Pearl 20, although the new set, with equally impressive spatial impressions, sounds even more detailed and colorful.

This effect was achieved thanks to the use of new sub-woofer speakers, made especially to order. A better refined transducer allowed us to reduce harmonic distortion and any unwanted resonances. The new membrane, like the previous one is a glass braid cone. It produces a similarly clear character of the sound which has been maintained while giving it a fuller expression. The high-end range is complemented by a new tweeter, which has a ring that reduces the diffraction phenomena and has a warm and dynamic sound. Finally, as with all Pylon Audio products, we paid particular attention to optimizing the crossover network through numerous listening sessions, measurements and readjustments.

The result is a sound unheard of at this price level. All the details and nuances contained in the music are reproduced in a very expressive and vivid way perfectly blending into one, harmonious whole. The Pearl 20 set not only retains all the advantages of its predecessor, but also provides better bass extension and definition, and a more sophisticated upper edge of the frequency bands.

The columns are dedicated to rooms 13 - 22 m2 which they will optimally fill.

Please find below the technical specification of the Pylon Audio Pearl 20 loudspeakers set:

Impedance8 Ohm
Bandwidth 38Hz- 20kHz
Nominal power50 W
Maximum power80 W
Dimensions [W x H x D]200 x 900 x 250 mm
Weight12 kg / pcs
Woofer Pylon Audio PSW 18.8 FGS
Tweeter Pylon Audio PST T-80/8
Spikes + standYes
Speaker grilleYes, magnetic
Warranty4 years
Available colours: Black, walnut, wenge, white HG.

BEST PRODUCT 2020 for Pearl 20 loudspeaker set!

"(...) The most surprising thing about these speakers is how perfectly they react to the music, to the material we feed them with, differentiating it in a unique way. Although expensive loudspeakers are much more resolving, much more detailed, much more dynamic and offer much more three-dimensional body, rarely any high-end design will give you as much pleasure from listening to music as the Pearl 20. Therefore, if you have 1000 to 5000 PLN for speakers, you simply have to listen to this model. Hats off!(...)". Wojciech Pacuła HighFidelity.pl - more

At the same time, we would like to inform you that the products from the Pearl line are awarded these przes for the fourth time:
- December 2011 - BEST PRODUCT 2011 - Pearl Front loudspeaker,
- December 2014 - BEST PRODUCT 2014 - Pearl 25 loudspeaker,
- December 2018 - BEST PRODUCT 2018 - Pearl 27 loudspeaker,
- December 2018 - BEST PRODUCT 2020 - Pearl 20 loudspeaker.

Pearl 20 test conducted by High Fidelity magazine.

Eight years ago we tested the Pearl front speakers. Today Wojciech Pacuła, editor-in-chief of HighFildelity.pl, tests out Pylon's 2nd generation of Pearl 20 which is their most recent design.

"(...)Everything in the new loudspeakers is redesigned, and only the same construction concept remains as in Pearls. More importantly, their price has not changed as it has been lower than 1000 zlotys (240 euro) for seven years! I haven't seen anything like that anywhere else.(...) "

"(...)It is difficult for me to calmly write" better "because you have to hear it to believe it - it is a mature, internally complex sound that lacks nothing.(…)"

"(...)It turned out that these are speakers that can play really low frequency sounds with power. The really deep dense sounds of Kraftwerk's “Showroom Dummies” (German precursors of techno music and direct inspiration for bands such as Depeche Mode) were showcased by the Pylons in a rich, soft, filled, well-controlled manner.(...)"

"(...)The treble is delicate and extremely pleasant. If there is a lot of high-end in the recording, like on “Somethin' Else” by Cannonball Adderley (MQA 24/192), you won't miss any of it and it will be really powerful. However, with Chet Baker's "vintage" entourage of recordings for the Riverside label, that don't have a lot of high-end and are warm and pleasant, the high-end is missing due to the recordings not the speakers.(...) "

"(...)Although expensive loudspeakers are much more resolving, much more detailed, much more dynamic and offer much more three-dimensional sounds, rarely a high-end construction will give you as much pleasure in listening to music as Pearl 20. How is this possible? Please answer this question yourself, listening to them with some nice electronics in a sensibly prepared room.(...) - read more

Pearl 20 is the editorial choice of HD-Opinie.pl!

"(...)Pylon Audio has succeeded again. Again, in a sense, these 20's are traditionally typical for this manufacturer as the price we will pay for them is indecently good. They perform way above this price range. I do not know how they do it, because every product of this company we received deserved attention, was very good or excellent.(...)"

"(...)here are no accidents here. It took practice, a lot of listening and searching for the right, universal "happy medium". In my opinion, this approach is just the right one. Normally in the case of a product in this price range columns tend to be demanding. This normally leads to the need to spend a larger sum on the right equipment from the amplifiers, to expensive cables and various types of accessories.(...)"

The tested columns received the distinction as - "Editor's Choice"! - read more