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Ruby 25 mkII Loudspeaker.

Ruby 25 mkII - the loudspeakers characterized by fast and compact bass, plastic diameter and free and at the same time detailed bandwidth.

With the appearing of a new generation of mid-woofers designed for use in the Ruby 30 set, we decided to upgrade the 25th.

In the Ruby 25 mkII set the role of the mid-woofer was entrusted to a new unit equipped with a redesigned magnetic system, additionally equipped with a Faraday ring, and a larger diameter coil. Thanks to these measures, the center of the band achieved even better transparency and neutrality, it also allowed for a small modification of the enclosure volume, which resulted in the expansion of low frequency capabilities.
Finally, Ruby 25 mkII sound fuller and clearer than its predecessor.

The design was based on PSW 17.8 EXA woofers whose membrane is made of Endumax. It is a material that has a very good balance between internal damping and stiffness, with the specific weight of the membrane being lower than an analogue membrane based on fiber glass or cellulose. The top of the band recreates the silk dome, nicely emphasizing the character of the mid-woofer's sound.

The speakers are dedicated to rooms size from 18 to 35 m2.

Please find below the technical specification of the Pylon Audio Ruby 25 mkII Loudspeakers Set:

Impedance 4 Ohm
Bandwidth 38 Hz - 20 kHz
Nominal power 100 W
Maximum power 150 W
Efficiency89 dB
Dimensions [W x H x D] 192 x 1020 x 325 mm
Weight 20 kg / piece
Woofer 2xPylon Audio PSW 17.8 EXA
Tweeter Pylon Audio PST-120.6
Spikes + stand Yes
Speaker grille Yes
Warranty4 years
Available colours: - Natural veneer OAK, ennobled with the oil-wax - 11 decors.
- Natural veneer OAK, colourless lacquer: wenge, black, walnut, cherry, natural.

The review of the loudspeakers sets Ruby 25 mkII - Stereolife.pl.

"(...)I had the pleasure of testing many models of the Polish company and every time only one word comes to my mind - progress.(...)"

"(...)Ruby HE and Ruby SHE were too important, due to the drivers used in them. The company has invested heavily in units with Endumax membranes, and its engineers claim that this material allows for a smooth and resolved sound without clearly marked resonances. They could not allow this idea to be wasted, and only through a controversial stylistic procedure. That's how Ruby 25 was born.(...)"

"(...)Without thinking too long, the new woofer was also mounted in the 25s, marking it with the note mkII.(...)"

"(...)Where are the grills? Already on the spot! Instead of the optional frames kept in place by pegs or magnets, the Polish company decided to use metal mesh protecting each speaker from damage. These types of grills have practically no influence on the sound (apparently their presence cannot be seen even in the measurements), at the same time the grills do not cover the beautifully finished front, they are always in place and cannot be easily torn off or knocked down. As for me - a bomb dot com.(...)"

"(...)Ruby 25 mkII are able to show something in the midrange range, which in most sets from this price range is unlikely to get. Closeness, smoothness and a bit of natural warmth, but also speed and detail. All this translates into greater palpability of vocals and greater sound realism. Admit it yourself that there is something appealing in it. If the sets described above would be provided to us by a company that recently debuted on the market, I would probably enjoy their sound a bit longer and analyze them in the smallest details.(...)"

"(...)If those columns would be coming from one of the titled producers who could boast of several decades of history, I would certainly listen to them with pleasure, but judging by the quality of workmanship and sound, I would expect to see a much higher, perhaps even five-digit amount in the price list for them. But in this case, I can only say one thing - Pylon once again did its job. It is possible that it is even to little said. They did exactly what we thought and what, considering the previous designs of this brand, we really expected. The team from Jarocin created sets in which everything is arranged into one harmonious whole. Not only the sound, but also the appearance, quality, functionality and technology, increasingly escaping other manufacturers.(...)" - read

Photographs of the Ruby 25 mkII set.

    natural veneer OAK, ennobled with the oil-wax - Smoked Oak:

    • Oil-wax colours:
    • OAK, colourless lacquer: