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Diamond Sub - Subwoofer.

Diamond Sub is an active subwoofer equipped with a high-power amplifier and an excellent low-frequency transducer. It allows for the reproduction of the lowest tones of the acoustic range while fitting into a compact, elegant enclosure that can easily be integrated into any room.

When creating the Diamond Sub, we placed great emphasis on the compact size of the enclosure, which necessitated an unusual, innovative approach to the design of the bass-reflex tunnel. This design allowed for the reduction of turbulence and optimization of acoustic losses, resulting in excellent bass and sub-bass reproduction, revealing their full depth and structure.

The highly efficient transducer used in the subwoofer, features a substantial magnetic circuit capable of generating a powerful and stable magnetic field. The transducer's chassis is an extremely rigid, metal basket formed by injection molding. Its largely open framework minimizes losses and air noise, as well as eliminates undesirable reflections and resonances. The rigid and stiff membrane exhibits practically no inherent resonances within the subwoofer's operating range, meaning it provides absolute precision in converting the motion of the vibrating coil into acoustic pressure. The speaker's operating range is not limited by the surround (made of low-loss rubber) but is well controlled by the linear suspension and limited by the power stage protection.

Operating in Class D, the technologically advanced 350-watt amplifier circuit ensures that over 90% of the power delivered to the device is transmitted to the speaker's voice coil. Electronics equipped with widely adjustable active analog filter circuits enable optimal adjustment of the lowest frequency band to the remaining elements of the system, such as in a 2+1 or larger system. The subwoofer can be connected to both high-level outputs and PRE-OUT outputs of a power amplifier or preamplifier. Additionally, these controls can be bypassed by connecting the subwoofer directly via the dedicated LFE input when control of the band is taken over by an external device, such as in a multichannel system.

The design of the construction unequivocally reflects the distinctive style of the Diamond series products. The enclosure's angle of inclination serves not only an aesthetic function but also directs the acoustic wavefront towards the listening area. Thanks to solid ribbing and carefully placed reinforcements, the enclosure gains in rigidity and durability.

Please find below the technical specification of the Pylon Audio Diamond Sub:

Nominal power350 W
Maximum power500 W
Low pass filter adjustment40-200Hz
Class D amplifier
Lower limit frequency25Hz
Phase control0/180 degrees
InputHigh-level, low-level, 2x RCA, LFE
Dimensions [W x H x D]330 x 458 x 510 mm
Weight 33 kg
Woofer Pylon Audio PSW 26.4 AA (Seas L26RO4Y2_CUSTOM)
Adjust the volume level Yes
CabinetSlotted bass-reflex profile
Warranty4 years
Available colours- Natural veneer OAK, ennobled with the oil-wax - 11 decors.
- Natural veneer OAK, colourless lacquer: wenge, black, walnut, cherry, natural.
- High Gloss: white HG, black HG.
- Lacquer Mat - white, black.
- We can realize individual orders with RAL colours.

    natural veneer OAK, LACQUER, colour BLACK:
    natural veneer OAK, finished with oil-wax BLACK:
    natural veneer OAK, finished with oil-wax DARK OAK:
    natural veneer OAK, finished with oil-wax PURE:
    high gloss BLACK finish:

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