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Pearl Monitor loudspeakers set.

It is with great pleasure that we present you another set from the Pearl line – The Pearl Monitor.

The Pearl Monitors offers a sound that can be associated with much larger loudspeakers. The sound is full and at the same time transparent, properly reflecting atmosphere of the recordings. This set is dedicated to small rooms as a full-range stereo system or to work in the home cinema as added speakers.

Pearl Monitor is a two-way design based on carefully selected transducers. The tweeter has a textile dome. The woofer features a rigid fiberglass diaphragm with additional ventilation under the lower suspension, reducing the phenomenon of compression at higher volume levels.

These monitors are not afraid of heavy music, but can also recreate the calm atmosphere of refined productions in an appropriately sophisticated way.

The columns will find themselves optimally dedicated to rooms of 13 - 22 m2.

Please find below the technical specification of the Pylon Audio Pearl Monitor loudspeakers set:

Impedance 8 Ohm
Bandwidth45 Hz - 20 000 Hz
Nominal power 50 W
Maximum power 80 W
Efficiency 86dB
Dimensions [W x H x D]200 x 390 x 250 mm
Weight 7,5 kg / pcs
Woofer Pylon Audio PSW 18.8 FGS
Tweeter Pylon Audio PST T-80/8
Speaker grille Yes, magnetic
Warranty4 years
Dostępne kolory: Czarny, orzech, wenge, biały HG.

Pearl Monitor Test - StereoLife - Recommendation!

"(...)As I have already tested the Pearl 25 and 27 I decided to also check the stand mount model called, of course, Pearl Monitor. In other words, the cheapest Pylons designed to work in a stereo system.(...)"

"(...)They feature a simple form, minimalist design, proprietary speakers with white membranes, good sound, ridiculously low prices and 100% Polish craftsmanship which are the hallmarks of this series. Because Pylon have been in operation for an exceptionally long time, they have managed to become a permanent part of the landscape of the Polish audio market.(...)"

"(...)Let me start with the bass. This element was the biggest mystery to me, if you can even talk about something like this, describing the sound of the smaller equivalent of two floor models (one of which was described relatively recently and the other more than seven years ago). As for the general nature of the presentation, I had some assumptions which were confirmed one hundred percent as the main difference between the tested monitors and the Pearls 27 and 25, resulting directly from their dimensions and the number of speakers used, had to be reflected in the method of reproducing the lowest parts of the acoustic band. But as I fired up the first few songs I nodded my head towards the Pylons in appreciation, for I had no feeling that I was missing anything essential.(...)"

"(...)I will noy try to guess what you will pay attention to, because in such a sensationally balanced and coherent composition you can hear everything - very good dynamics, resolution, convincing stereo separation and so on. In my opinion, there is no doubt that the icing on the cake is the diameter here. Slightly warmed, maybe slightly pushed towards the listener, but at the same time fast, clear, legible, actually very similar to what the more expensive Ruby monitors presented. When testing budget loudspeakers, I usually don't feel the need to disassemble the mid-range into prime factors, because I know that going into details can only bring disappointment. I only do it so that the review of a given model is fair and comprehensive, but later, just for the sake of it I don't. It will soon turn out that the vocals are dry and unnecessarily sharpened, or on the contrary - it will turn out that what we initially thought was pleasant to the ear is inextricably linked with fogging, slowing down and nasal silting. There is nothing like that in Pylons. These monitors do not try to break all possible records, they do not have a sub-woofer bass and do not attack the listener with an aggressive, ticking treble. Instead, they play something like this ... Good. Just fine. And the longer we listen to them, the more we like them.(...)"

"(...)To sum up, Pearl Monitors are another very successful design of the Jarocin manufacturures. Perhaps even one of the best stand mounts that you can buy for PLN 1,200-1,500. I do not want to be more categorical about it because I usually test more expensive equipment. If I go into lower price ranges it usually concerns headphones. The fact that I listened to these monitors with pleasure is the best recommendation for them.(...)"- read

Pearl Monitor bookshelf test performed by HiFi Philosophy.

"(...)I have already written about how much they cost. For less than a thousand zloty we get a pair of Pearl Audio Monitor stand mounted speakers for stereo and home cinema systems. Packed in a thick cardboard box with protective styrofoam inside. (Pylon packs its products as if they were traveling to the end of the Earth. (...)"

"(...)The sound is large, powerful, and will cover an area of more than a dozen square meters. Fifteen to seventeen square meters is the upper limit of density and power at one hundred percent. Therefore, in a room three to four meters wide, do not sit further than two and a half meters away from them. At the same time they can stand a meter in front of the wall and the dense sound will appear with a spectacular foreground just behind their setting line. They will be able to reach even a few meters deep, ignoring the distance from the back wall, while attacking and grabbing the listener forward. The recordings with explicit holography will present them emphatically much better than some speakers costing much more. (...)"

"(...)Large vertical opening, wall-to-wall width (but not further) and large depth of the stage for recordings with it. Also, flawless coherence on the right-left axis - none when it comes to stereo. sad emptiness in the middle, even no saddle. Surprisingly large sources - no downsizing. Expressive characters, sound always involved, but no tilt on emotional weight. So no cuddle or any sadness from the speakers themselves, not the recordings. (...)"

"(...)I played a solo piano for the final test, which I usually do. I have to admit that I had some concerns, especially regarding the rank of the overall sound, which is harder to pick from the piano than from huge drums or orchestras, as well as in relation to harmonic complexity. My fears turned out to be unfounded, the piano sounded correctly. Just like at the end, furious rock music released from the cabinet, which was not lacking in the atmosphere of rolling in the dirt, as well as the wild fuss, or the specifics of protest songs or ballads, when it took such form. (...)"

"(...)The color, humidity, saturation, gloss, textures and details are at a level much higher than the price would indicate. They are not far off frim the best speakers for ten thousand zloty and the differences are so small that only picky listeners on expensive receivers can really miss them. So I was not mistaken, at every AVS paying attention to Pylon, as one of the companies that lead in great quality for a reasonable price. (...)" - read