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Diamond 28 Loudspeaker.

In the 2,5 - way design well known and widely appreciated 19mm Scan Speak textile dome was used, while the mid’s and the down’s of the band entrusted with a pair of 18cm transducers made by Norwegian Seas. By optimizing the selection of the tweeters transducers we have obtained sophisticated sustain of high frequencies, while mid-woofers, with light cellulose membrane allow for a lot of flexibility division band in the midrange. The whole results in a dynamic, coherent and retail nature of the presentation that is differentiating recordings well.
By a slight inclination of the design the desired visual effect was achieved, and it was combined with the optimization of the dependence phase that occur between the loudspeakers. In Diamond 28 the steering is mounted on technique direct mounting, it uses only polypropylene capacitors. Placement of coils is optimized to minimize interference.

Loudspeakers enclosures are made of solid MDF, which additionaly were strengthened with inner rim. To suppress the sound bitumen mats and sheep's wool were applied. The loudspeaker was set on a pedestal, which in addition to providing aesthetic impressions, provides an anti-vibration platform for the loudspeakerspeakers set.

Diamond 28 is the unique combination of natural sounding with the look of the design.

The columns are dedicated for use in rooms with a floor area from 25 to 45 m2.

Please find below the technical specification of the Pylon Audio Diamond 28 Loudspeakers Set:

Impedance 4 Ohm
Bandwidth 36 Hz - 20 kHz
Nominal power 120 W
Maximum power 250 W
Efficiency90 dB
Dimensions [W x H x D] 196 x 1040 x 370 mm
Weight 25 kg / piece
Woofer 2 x Pylon Audio PSW 18.8.CA (2xSeas CA18RLY)
Tweeter Pylon Audio PST 19.T (Scan Speak D2010/851300)
Spikes + stand Yes
Speaker grille Yes, magnetic
Warranty4 years
Available colours- Natural veneer OAK, ennobled with the oil-wax - 11 decors.
- Natural veneer OAK, colourless lacquer: wenge, black, walnut, cherry, natural.
- High Gloss: white HG, black HG.
- Lacquer Mat - white, black.
- We can realize individual orders with RAL colours.


In current edition of Audio Video was published Inter alia Diamond 28 columns test. The set has received a reward of “the editors choice” and was honored with five stars.

"(...) The top speakers of manufacturer from Jarocin demonstrate how much good sound and a great performance can be offered for a little more than 6,000 zł (...)"
"(...) Without a doubt, these columns are visually appealing. Very narrow front contrasts with its considerable depth. This ratio gives the impression of communing with a modern product and it awakens positive feelings. (...)"
"(...) Excellent quality veneer has not been painted, as it is usually the case, but finished with so called waxing oil. The result is that we have the impression of communing with the living wood, completely matt (ideally scattering light), on which it is hard to see any scratches or dust. It is therefore a finish not only very nice but also extremely practical. (...)"
"(...) Diamonds turned out to be quite a surprise. I expected that it will be a good loudspeaker, but not that it will be as good! From the very beginning, even in the phase of heating, when the monitors were not critical, these columns attracted attention to the quality of the presented stereo. (...)"
"(...) Well Pylon’s can very well build a scene into the depth, as well as freely design it sideways. (...)"
"(...) Pylon’s feel good, without any exception, playing every musical genre. Big, difficult to reproduce orchestral music sounds great on them for a number of reasons: the already mentioned spaciousness, coherent, attractive and richly saturated colors throughout the whole band, and also quite a large mass of sound. (...)"
"(...) Diamond 28 is a loudspeaker much better than suggested by its very reasonable price - there's no doubt in my mind. (...)" - read

HighFidelity.pl has published on their web page the review of the Diamond 28 Loudspeakers. We would like to invite you to aquaint with the review.

"(...) The sounding is not matt or weak, that could cover the sharpness of the sound, that would hide the compression (introduced on the mastering stage). The sounding is open, with the exact right amount of highs, so that we do not need to seek for the sound of heavy metal, beat of the drum or guitar bass to hear them just the way we are expecting them to sound. (...)"
"(...)Last but not least a couple words about the screening, the connection of the so-called sounding sceen and the capability of showing the shape of the instruments. Pylon is bewitching us with the scale and thanks to this what we could hear has the same character as during the live show. (...)" - read

The StereoLife Portal just a moment ago has published an extensive description of the release of Diamond 28 Columns, which took place in the Q21 Showroom last Saturday.

"(...) Diamond 28 are a powerful, heavy, yet classically styled cases finished with natural veneer. Slanting the enclosure back and embedding them on long stabilizing pedestals gives them a little lightness, but one should not fool himself – this sets are not made for small spaces. (...)"
"(...) The sound coming out from such system was powerful, with low descending, almost subwoofer output bass and very clear treble range. In fact, already based on such a short listening one can say that Diamond 28 have a high potential and probably will not be offended if they would be placed in a slightly larger room. The designers managed to maintain a healthy tonal balance, and natural lightly warmed timbre, characteristic for most of the models produced so far. Pylon apparently has managed to work out their own recognizable "sound", which after all is based on sonic accuracy and versatility, combined with attractive extremities of the band. (...)" - read


Diamond 28 test - HiFi Journal - "TOP PRODUKT"!

We are extremely pleased to inform you about receiving of the prestigious award „TOP PRODUCT” from the German HiFi Journal magazine, the reviewers of this portal have tested Diamond 28. We were starting to get worry, taking into the consideration that the testing took place more than 2 months ago ;).

Below, you can find the information that we received from the HiFi Journal magazine:
"(...) In the Diamond 28 sets are used high quality components and perfectly manufactured enclosure with black high gloss. (...)"
"(...) A well balanced and dynamic soundstage is the result of all the efforts. All frequency ranges are perfectly tuned, we are positively surprised in case of the exactly timed bass. (...)"
"(...) Having in mind this facts, the range of know-how from Pylon Developer which was planted in the sets Diamond 28 was shown. (...)"
"(...) This is an absolute Recommendation for the Diamond 28. So we honor it with our Top-Product-Award. (...)"
Please find below the link to the whole review: - read

We are extremely pleased to inform you about receiving of 5 out of 5 stars for our actual flagship model in our offer - Diamond 28 columns.

Our foreign distributor MalaAudio (Norway) has informed us about the test that is being conducted on Diamond 28 columns by one of the most important audio magazines in Scandinavia - Stereopluss. In the current edition of the magazine Stereopluss the review of the Diamond 28 columns has been considered as a flagship.

"Please find below couple of sentences translated from the text:
"(...)The bas is really impressive, it is so deep that the subwoofer is no needed. It is very well defined and it has a really good kick/dynamics, when it is necessary. (...)"
"(...)Diamond 28 is fantastic in case of voices/vocals. It is as if you are having the artist just in front of you, because of the sound scene is wide, deep and natural. (...)"
"(...)To sum up: it is really exceptional loudspeakers set offered in amazing price. (...)"
"(...)To sum up: it is really exceptional loudspeakers set offered in amazing price. (...)"
"(...) For plus:
- Sound
- Design
- Price
For minus:
- lack of double terminals.(...)"
Please find below the link to the review (page 60 to 62, unfortunately the review is in the local language): - read

    natural veneer OAK, ennobled with the oil-wax BLACK:
    natural veneer OAK, LACQUER, colour BLACK:
    natural veneer OAK, LACQUER, colour WALNUT:
    natural veneer OAK, LACQUER, colour WENGE:

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