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Pearl Sub - Subwoofer.

Pearl Sub - An active subwoofer from the Pearl line to complement the lowest registers in the home theater or small stereo systems.

The construction is based on a specially designed Pylon Audio PSW 30.8 FGS transducer, in which we used a glass fiber cone.
Optimizing the T/S parameters allowed us to greatly achieve the reproduction of low tones while maintaining the compact dimensions of the cabinet.

In the subwoofer we used a modern and efficient Class D amplifier circuit which is characterized by reduced heat emissions and greater energy efficiency. The adjustable low pass filter, level and phase controls ensure trouble-free tuning with the rest of your audio system.

Please find below the technical specification of the Pylon Audio Pearl Sub:

Nominal power150 W
Maximum power300 W
Low pass filter adjustment40-200Hz
Class D amplifier
Lower limit frequency28Hz
Phase control0/180 degrees
InputHigh-level, low-level, 2x RCA, LFE
Dimensions [W x H x D]320 x 420 x 340 mm
Weight 13,5kg
Woofer Pylon Audio PSW 27.8 FGS
Adjust the volume level Yes
CabinetDouble, rear, profiled bass-reflex
Speaker grille Yes, magnetic
Spikes + standYes
Warranty4 years
Available colours: - Black, walnut, wenge, calvados, white HG.

    black brushed aluminium /limited version