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Opal 30 Loudspeaker.

Opal 30 - built as a development of the Opal line with large 3-way speakers.
The set offers the musicality of the presentation complemented by rhythmic bass and a sonorous well-integrated top band.

The construction is equipped with a new 18-cm PSM 18.8 CS midrange driver operating in a separate chamber. The driver, based on a cellulose-coated membrane, has been designed in terms of maximum uniformity of sound and microdynamics in the most sensitive range. Two 18-cm PSW 18.8 CS woofers provide the right basis for the rest of the band, providing a solid dose of the lowest registers.
The top of the band recreates a 25mm silk dome with a small front, equipped with a neodymium drive.

In relation to other representatives of the line, in the Opal 30 loudspeakers we obtained a richer sound, fuller in the middle band, showing the technical advantages of a larger construction at the same time without losing the overall character and musicality of the smaller sets.

18 mm body with the back of the enclosure has been combined with a thickened 22mm screen, designed to reduce any vibrations of the front wall. An additional element stiffening the whole structure are placed reinforcements in the critical places and a separate chamber for the PSM 18.8 CS midrange driver.

The columns are dedicated for use in rooms with a floor area from 20 to 45 m2.

Please find below the technical specification of the Pylon Audio Opal 30 Loudspeakers Set:

Impedance4 Ohm
Bandwidth35Hz - 20kHz
Nominal power 100 W
Maximum power150 W
Efficiency 90dB
Dimensions [W x H x D] 190 x 1030 x 360 mm
Weight 22 kg / pcs
Woofer 2x Pylon Audio PSW 18.8 CS
Midrange speakerPylon Audio PSM 18.8 CS
Tweeter Pylon Audio PST T-50/8
Spikes + standYes
Speaker grilleYes
Warranty4 years
Available colours: - Veneer PVC - black, walnu, wenge.

Opal 30 review prepared by HighFidelity magazine.

"(...)The Pylon Opal 30 loudspeakers played in a place where the Harbeth M40.1 editorial loudspeakers usually are standing. However, they played there not directly after them, but after fantastic, high-end Borg loudspeakers from FinkAudio (PLN 100,000 for a pair). (...)"

"(...)The speakers have shapely proportions, i.e. they are 1030 mm high, but their front wall is narrow, because it is only 190 mm. They are quite deep, for 360 mm – eventually, the two woofers have their needs. (...)"

"(...)The dilemma of balancing the weight of the bass and its definition, impact and sustain have nicely been solved. These are loudspeakers that come down nicely at the bottom of the frequency range. They have a firm, lively sound with a good descent. (...)"

"(...)To w ogóle dobrze zbalansowany dźwięk. Także tam, gdzie góry jest sporo, jak w na nowym krążku Chaka Khan pt. Hello Happiness, kolumny Pylona zachowują umiar. Ale to właśnie tu słychać było, że chodziło chyba konstruktorom o pogodzenie ognia z wodą, to jest otwartego, energetycznego dźwięku z plastyką i swobodą. (...)"

"(...)In general, it's a well-balanced sound. Also, where there is a lot of high notes, as in the new Chaka Khan album titled Hello Happiness, Pylon loudspeakers maintain moderation. But it was here that it was possible to hear that the constructors wanted to reconcile fire with water, that is, an open, energetic sound with art and freedom. Opal 30 is a model showing the size of recordings, their scale, very nice bass playing. This one is well controlled, but also massive, firm. The center of the band is alive, open, voiced. Similarly, as the high band. The whole has a slightly rounded attack, thanks to which we do not reach 'brightness', stopping at 'freshness'. They work with any amplifier, that should be just good. If we want to lower their sound we have to reach for warmer amplifiers, and if we want to emphasize their character, we should connect them to devices like Cambridge Audio. Regardless of what we invent for them, we will get a nice, energetic, strong sound, with which we will be able to listen to any kind of music.(...)"- read

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