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Pearl 27 loudspeakers set.

Pearl 27 charakteryzuje się brzmieniem z dobrze zaznaczonym i kontrolowanym basem, plastyczną średnicą i precyzyjną górą pasma, gdzie wszystkie detale oraz niuanse zawarte w muzyce, są podane w bardzo wyrazisty sposób, perfekcyjnie łącząc się w jedną, zgraną całość.

Zestaw głośnikowy Pearl 27 to konstrukcja 3-drożna, wyposażona w dwa 6,5 calowe głośniki niskotonowe Pylon Audio PSW 18.8 FGS znane z mniejszych modeli linii Pearl oraz głośnik średniotonowy Pylon Audio PSM 18.8 FGS profilowany dla lepszego odtwarzania tonów średnich. Układy magnetyczne przetworników posiadają otwór wentylacyjny, mający na celu zwiększenie wytrzymałości mocowej głośnika oraz redukujący zjawisko kompresji przy większych poziomach wysterowania.

Górę pasma powierzono 1-calowej jedwabnej kopułce, wyposażonej w specjalnie profilowaną komorę wytłumiającą. Dodatkowo na froncie umieszczony jest pierścień redukujący zjawiska dyfrakcyjne. Głośnik ten cechuje się ciepłym, barwnym i rozdzielczym brzmieniem.

Obudowy posiadają specjalnie dobrane wytłumienie oraz wzmocnienia w newralgicznych miejscach, zapewniające odpowiednią sztywność konstrukcji oraz minimalizację niepożądanych rezonansów własnych.
Tunel bass-reflex umiejscowiony na froncie obudowy pozwolił na swobodniejsze ustawienie kolumn w trudnych pomieszczeniach.

Pearl 27 oferuje mocny oraz uporządkowany dźwięk gdzie scena jest głęboka, a całość prezentacji dokładnie artykułowana.

Kolumny dedykowane są pomieszczeniom 20 - 45 m2 w których odnajdą się optymalnie.

Zapraszamy na prezentację naszych kolumn do salonu firmowego oraz sieci autoryzowanych dealerów.

Please find below the technical specification of the Pylon Audio Pearl 27 loudspeakers set:

Impedance4 Ohm
Bandwidth 32Hz - 20kHz
Nominal power 100 W
Maximum power 160 W
Efficiency 88dB
Dimensions [W x H x D]200 x 1020 x 280 mm
Weight 18 kg / sztuka
Woofer 2xPylon Audio PSW 18.8 FGS
Midrange speaker Pylon Audio PSW 18.8 FGS
Tweeter Pylon Audio PST T-80/8
Spikes + standYes
Speaker grilleYes, magnetic
Warranty4 years
Available colours: Black, walnut, wenge, calvados, white HG.

We got it :) - "EDITOR'S CHOICE" from Audio-Video PL for Pearl 27!

"(...) In recent years Pylon has made significant investments in a machine park and R&D center in Zambrów (With the help of a government program they produced an anechoic chamber and a laser vibrometer among other projects). It becomes clear that the manufacturer from Wielkopolska can provide something that no other audio producer in Poland managed to achieve after 1989. The main contributing factor to the company's success is its self-sufficiency (the production of its own loudspeakers and enclosures is a huge advantage), but equally important are the products themselves with an outstanding quality to price ratio.(...) "

"(...) Significant economical floorstanders of the Polish brand Pylon Audio are an excellent example of how great sound can be obtained today for two thousand zloty.(...)"

"(...) The Pearl 27 are perfectly balanced loudspeakers. They are excellent not only in relation to the price, but in general. I wonder if the manufacturing just “worked out” this way or if it was a consciously chosen and consistently achieved goal. They hit the so-called "happy medium", the absolute optimum. What deserves great recognition is, in particular, how neatly and smoothly the midrange and treble are sewn together.(...) "

"(...) The crossovers are made of much better components than is the norm in this class of loudspeakers. What's more, the connections are direct.(...)"

"(...) Dynamics? Perhaps the discontinued JBLs from the Studio series could provide a bit more. Anyway, the dynamics are great in both scales (big and small).(…)"

"(...) What the manufacturer from Wielkopolska has achieved deserves the highest recognition. At this price such sound and performance we probably won't get anywhere else today.(...)" read

Pearl 27 - distinction in the form of "RED Fingerprint" from HighFidelity.

A large test of the Pearl 27 speakers was published on the pages of HighFidelity magazine. The design was very well received by Mr. Wojtek Pacuła, who awarded it with the "RedFingerprint" distinction.

"(...) Pearl 27 are a three-way large free-standing columns, featuring characteristic speakers with a white membrane made of fiberglass braid, with a rubber suspension and extruded basket. In the first version the loudspeakers were bought in Tonsil, in the second they were produced by STX, but significantly modified, which is why they were branded as Pylon Audio, and the latest version, starting from a year and a half, are manufactured by the Pylon company itself. (...)"

"(...) I'm talking about the" monitor "because the most important here is the midrange of the band. In small speakers it can not be otherwise, because we will not be able to get the bass from them anyway. It is similar in the Pearl 27 model, what I mean is that we get a meaty, nice, selective diameter but with a twist, because there is some reason that, there are so many loudspeakers there. Pylon is not a company that would force its speakers to pretend something that they are not. The crucial point here is that the midrange band is supported by a deep, meaty, fast mid- and higher bass, with a good descent to the very bottom of the scale. (...)"

"(...) Pearl 27 are, in my opinion, one of the most interesting columns of Pylon." Of course - the higher in the price list, the more we get, it's a fair offer. But still for that kind of money to obtain such a sound? Match them with a nice amplifier and, for example, a phonograph and we will get a sound system, which many who spent much more money can only dream about. Those are the speakers that will do well not only with amplifiers and sources for PLN 2,000, but also for PLN 4,000 or even PLN 6,000. Yes, they are so good. RED Fingerprint. (...)" - read

Pearl 27 - first test!
StereoLife has placed a comprehensive test of the Pearl 27 loudspeakers on its pages.

"(...) The Verdict.
Pearl 27 has a chance to become the biggest hit of a Polish manufacture. It is clear, as there are not many other three-way speakers on the market, which price is included in the magical amount of 2 000 PLN. And this is just the beginning of good news, because in the package we get a modest, elegant design with several color options to choose from, above-average quality and sound, which in this price range will be very, very difficult to beat. But there is something else ... Five, six years ago, the Pylon Audio brand was probably associated only by audiophiles, who visit every room at the exhibitions and collect catalogs so that they can later read them from cover to cover. Today, the company is a real power in Poland, and its products have been praised by foreign distributors, dealers and journalists for several years. In its catalog you can find columns for a several thousand PLN’s, and on the list of brands ordering enclosures in Jarocin there are such celebrities as Audio Physic.(...)"

"(...) Not only Pylon Audio is still producing budget columns, but it is introducing such a model like Pearl 27. Bigger, better and not much more expensive than his smaller brother. To be honest with you it looks like a gift for the loyal fans. People that the company owes its huge popularity to. Now the number will grow, and they will be even more.(...)"

"(...) Okay, I will say it – with this price I have never heard anything better.(...)" - read

Pearl 27 - review from Stereo i Kolorowo.

"(...)The "Twenty-seven's" are playing a wonderfully resilient, strong and stretched sound of considerable density and efficiency. They provide a realistic musical performance - close to the concert. (...)""

"(...)The Pylon Audio constructors managed to build such loudspeakers within the assumed budget. Speakers that not only holistically and universally play (i.e. they reproduce equally well every musical genre), but also have a physiological color with a high level of color saturation. (...)"

"(...)Importantly, those loudspeakers easily and seamlessly match different amplifiers. They are neither difficult to choose nor somehow picky. Connected to the amplifier, they provide a rich and vivid sound that spreads evenly over the large volume of the listening room. Equally and harmoniously. (...)"

"(...)Conclusion If someone has planned PLN 2,000 for floor standing speakers, their expenditure on a pair of Pylon Pearl 27 will be an optimal and universal move. The best two thousand PLN invested in the speakers, without worrying about "not playing" with the amplifier and the rest of the hi-fi audio system. (...)"- read

Photographs of the Pearl 27 set.