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Our skills.

We work as a team, and equally share our successes. They result from the work of every single one of us as well as of all of us working together. We are a well-functioning organism joined by a passion for designing new products. We are also in love with sounds. Most certainly we look funny when trying to grab with our senses invisible tones accumulated in the air. It's a part of our work, and listening is the most important part. Over the years we managed to perfectly sharpen the sense of hearing, which led us to designing speakers of exceptional quality.

Pylon Audio Brand equals excellent reputation and precision of performance. Each and every day we do our utmost while constructing loudspeaker enclosures, but that’s not our last word. Currently we’ve focused on creating full speaker systems, which over the years, we have studied inside out. At present, basing on those observations, we have been trying to create the ideal product. Is it a fantasy? Perhaps, but we do it happily, improving our engineering capabilities.